With a wealth of experience in the debt resolution industry, FCS is a leader in finding workable solutions for resolving your specific bill.  In a nutshell, we purchase outstanding debt from major banks and credit card companies that for one reason or another were never paid. Chances are, if your reading this, yours is one of those debts. But here’s the good news. After years of working with consumers like yourself, we have come to understand that in most cases bills go unpaid because financial circumstances make it difficult if not impossible to pay at the time. Most people don’t get credit cards with the intention of charging up the bill and walking away. And if you are like most consumers in this situation, you want to get out from under this bill, without going broke to do it.

It’s important to know we recognize that everyone gets stuck now and then. At FCS, we are going to do everything possible to work out an arrangement that will not require lawyers on either of our parts. This is why the people to who you’ll be speaking to are trained in debt resolution, not bill collections. What’s the difference, you may ask? Well the entire distinction is in what the goal of the conversation is. Most collections personnel that you’ve talked to about this bill and probably most of the other bills you’ve had in the past have wanted to get you to pay at all costs. The representatives that you’ll talk to at FCS want to find a solution to this problem, that everybody can live with. That’s an important difference and one, which we have made the trademark of our business.

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